Fact sheet on current MDG progress of Lebanon (Arab States)

The Republic of Lebanon is a small country with an estimated population of 4.97 million in 2014, plus an additional 260,000 Palestinians and other migrant workers. 44 percent of the population is young (below 24 years), and around 88 percent live in cities – the main ones being Beirut (capital), Saida, Tripoli, Zahleh, Jounieh, and Sour.

Lebanon is a medium-income, free-market economy with extensive links up with the developed world in most economic activities. The private sector contributed to over 80 percent of the GDP, and includes manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and trade and tourism, but is predominated by the services sector such as media and advertising, hotels and restaurants, and banking and finance.

MDG Facts

The most recent Lebanon MDG report is for the period 2013-2014. According to this report, any progress made towards achieving the MDGs has been significantly challenged by a complex political situation (absence of a government Cabinet for 8 months at the time of writing, and later absence of a president of the republic) and the Syrian crisis, marked by a massive influx of refugees that is particularly affecting the health MDGs. (more…)