Fact sheet on current MDG progress of Rwanda (Africa)

The Millennium Development Goals in Rwanda have been translated into the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies (EDPRS I & II) that provide the framework for the budget allocation of vital sectors and activities observed to ensure that the MDG targets are met. The priority sectors are also reflected in the national framework – Vision 2020 – that specifies the country’s long-term development goals.

Currently, Rwanda is among the few African countries leading in the achievement of the MDGs. The Central/Eastern Africa nation has made remarkable progress on several MDGs, especially in gender equality women empowerment, universal primary education, child and maternal mortality, HIV prevalence, and environmental sustainability.

Many measures have been taken in efforts to bridge gender gaps through economic empowerment programmes for women, including women entrepreneurship program, women guarantee fund, and having rights to property and inheritance. The constitution has also been changed to guarantee 30 percent leadership positions in parliament for women. (more…)