Countdown to 2015:

Goal 4

Reduce Child Mortality

Target 4.A:

Reduce by two-thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate

4.1 Under-five mortality rate
4.2 Infant mortality rate
4.3 Proportion of 1 year-old children immunised against measles

Success Stories

Maternal and neonatal tetanus is a disease that kills tens of thousands of newborns each year, most of them in developing countries. The disease is often called the "silent killer" because many newborns affected by it die at home in very remote and poor communities where both the births and the deaths go unreported...more >>>

quick facts

• A child born in a developing country is over 13 times more likely to die within the first five years of life than a child born in an industrialized country.

• For the first time in 2006, annual deaths of children under five dropped below 10 million.