SDG 9 – Build Resilient Infrastructure and Promote Sustainable Industrialisation

Sustainable Development Goals were basically formulated to ensure acceleration in global economic growth. The economic status of a country or region has its physical reflection in the quality of infrastructure in that particular country/region. The better the infrastructure the better the economy, and vice versa. As set in Sustainable Development Goal 9, the UN’s plan is to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation in a bid to achieve substantial growth in incomes and productivity. The following targets, to be met by 2030, were set with regard to achievement of SDG 9:

  1. Build quality, resilient, reliable and sustainable national regional and trans-border infrastructure to support human well-being and economic development, with more focus on equitable and affordable access for all.
  2. Facilitate inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and substantially raise industry’s proportion of employment and GDP, in accordance with national circumstances, and double its share in low-income countries.
  3. Promote the access of small-scale entrepreneurs, particularly in developing countries, to affordable financial services, including credit, and their assimilation into value markets and chains.
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