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Antigua and Barbuda

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On track to achieve the Goals, but data collection is a weak spot

Data provided in a national review of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2004 indicate that Antigua and Barbuda is largely on track to attain the Goals. It should be borne in mind that the country lacks recent information on many of the indicators and that this has affected efforts to verify achievements.

The 2004 Status Report on the achievement of the MDGs in Antigua and Barbuda highlighted these problems with data collection and stressed the need for cooperation alliances between users and providers of data to support improvement in this area. There is a related need to improve systems for the monitoring and evaluation of progress towards achievement of the targets, including capacity-building efforts.

The Report further indicated that the country had achieved Goal 5 in improving maternal health and was on track to achieving Goals 1, 2, and 4, relating to poverty, universal primary education, and the reduction of child mortality, respectively. Like many other Caribbean nations, Antigua and Barbuda reported that the rate of HIV/AIDS infection, particularly among females of childbearing age, continued to present a challenge.

Two additional Goals have been added and are marked for assessment towards attainment of the MDGs. Specific targets have yet to be agreed. One Goal is to take concerted action against international terrorism and to accede as soon as possible to all relevant conventions. The second Goal affirms the intention of the government to intensify its efforts to fight transnational crime in all its dimensions, including the trafficking and smuggling of human beings, and money laundering.

Last updated 1 November 2007

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NOTE: The MDG data presented here is the latest available from the United Nations Statistics Division. The World Bank has recently released new poverty estimates, which reflect improvements in internationally comparable price data. The new data estimates set a new poverty line of US$1.25 a day and offer a much more accurate picture of the cost of living in developing countries. They are based on the results of the 2005 International Comparison Program (ICP), released in first half of 2008. Country-specific poverty estimates will be released by the World Bank in late 2008